Institutional Laundry Services L.L.C (ILS)


Institutional laundry service started its operations in 2007 and today is recognized as the leading laundry firm in the UAE.

Initially, designed for serving the corporate sector with a focus on hospitality segment, ILS has expanded into the retail segment by launching the eeziclean brand with its stores in the key areas in Dubai.

Our clients, rightly, expect the highest standard of service levels from us. We understand and adhere to our clients requirements by providing superior laundry services in a timely manner, and every day striving to improve the quality and breadth of our offerings.


Well diversified service offerings


  • We offer Laundry and Dry cleaning services for
  1. Commercial: towels, linen and uniforms items targeting hospitality, sports, facilities management and light manufacturing sectors
  2. Retail: household daily and formal wear garments and other items including carpets


Plant Layout and Operations

  • The laundry and dry cleaning services for bulk and retail segments are situated in two distinct areas to avoid any comingling of clothes.


ILS uses German Technology


  •   Built using modular technology to enable easy increase in capacity.



ILS uses the 5th generation Dry-Cleaning Machines.


  • It uses a marking mechanism which can be used to better manage            linen & garments.
  • Easy increase in capacity.
  • Intelligent monitors (MIS systems) for measuring productivity & control.


Wash process tested by Diversey Care.


Total area: 200,000 sq.ft

Built-up area: 80,000 sq.ft   



  • 35 customised vans, of two sizes to ensure timely delivery.


Flat Linen Laundry


The laundry system comprises of the following:

  • The laundry system comprises of CBW System, Dryers, Flatwork Ironers & Folders, Delivery Trolleys and Customized Vans.
  • The plant follows the concept of 80% CBW & 20% washer extractor.
  • The flatwork ironers & folders can accept linen up to the maximum width of 3.5 m.
  • The dryers are Teflon coated stainless steel drums which offer protection to the linen.



  • The flat linen laundry has the design capacity to handle 20 ton of hotel linen in a single 8 hour shift and can be expanded to 40 tons/shift within the present built up.


Garment Laundry


  • Pre & post laundry inspection stations are set to ensure garments have no spots, broken buttons, zippers, etc.
  • The finishing equipment is selected from the best manufacturers to ensure the finest finishing.
  • Dry cleaning machines maintain required solvent levels to offer a hygienic & quality output for any garment.



  • The garment laundry can handle garments up to 4000 pieces in a            single 8 hour shift and can be expanded to 8000 pieces in a single            shift.