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Environmental Policies

earth In everything we do, our aim is to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

To that end we employ the most environmental friendly equipment, processes & resources.

The following measure are already in place to reduce our impact on the environment:
  • We have custom designed trolleys to deliver linen, these trolleys negate the use of plastics completely
  • We have implemented a highly efficient water recycling system, which enables us to achieve an ultra low level consumption of water per kg of laundry.
  • We recycle heat and detergent in order to reduce the consumption of energy, the generation of which consumes valuable resources and impacts the environment
  • We utilise LPG instead of heavier fuels such as gas oil & we operate dryers on steam instead of electricity
  • We are the first laundry in the Middle east to have dedicated dry cleaning machinery operating on the latest generation of environmentally friendly detergent, from Diversey Care

Becoming Carbon Neutral

ILS also plans to become the first group company in the UAE to become CARBON NEUTRAL.

What is Carbon Neutral?

Every company in their daily work process emit greenhouse gases, namely Carbon.
  • We plan to neutralise the amount of carbon emitted from our ILS plant & other group companies.
  • Carbon Neutral Company (CNC) helps us assess our annual greenhouse gas emissions
  • CNC would later advice us on how to offset the carbon emitted from our plant
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