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Quality Parameters


Quality Benchmarking

ILS measures quality across the following parameters
  • Cleanliness & Whiteness
  • Reduction in re-wash & dis-card levels
  • Recommendation in choosing the right linen/textile
  • Feedback on existing quality of linen
  • Presentation (Finishing/Ironing)
  • Strive for better linen management
  • Develop proprietary "Quality Assurance System"
  • We use the most advanced equipments for the linen & garment laundry
  • Every employee is well trained to handle all aspects of the laundry
  • Quality is measured across all of the following steps namely, acquiring the linen/garments from the institution, marking, spotting for stains, washing, drying, flat ironers & delivery
  • We have custom made vans to deliver the linen & garments
  • We also ensure proper marking system to make sure the same linen is not washed repeatedly, this we call Linen Management solution, thus enhancing the life-span of the linen
  • Maximum hygiene at the site is maintained
  • Furthermore, we plan to set up a call center to enhance customer support
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