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Laundry Systems

The laundry and dry cleaning processes for linen & garments require different systems, technology & resources. At ILS we have taken care to separate these systems into two different plants without cross over between them.
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Flat Linen Laundry

  • The plant is designed to handle over 20 ton of linen in a single 8 hour shift
  • The plant is built using modular technology to enable easy increase in capacity
  • Intelligent monitors (MIS systems) for measuring productivity & control
  • ILS uses an unique marking mechanism which can be used better linen & garment management
  • The laundry system comprises of the following
    • CBW System
    • Dryers
    • Flatwork Ironers & Folders
    • Delivery Trolleys
    • Customised vans
  • ILS uses the most advanced technology, from Germany
  • The wash process has been tested by Diversey Care
  • The CBW system process each load separately to avoid mixing of different loads
  • This eliminates cross-contamination as there is not counter flow in the wash zone
  • We follow the concept of 80% CBW & 20% washer extractor
  • The flatwork ironers & folders can accept linen up to the maximum width of 3.5 m
  • The dryers are Teflon coated stainless steel drums, which offers protection to the linen
  • We discourage the use of plastics & use delivery trolleys, as an option

Garment Laundry

Dry Cleaning Machine
Finishing Systems
  • This plant is capable of handling over 5,000 KG garment (equivalent to 7500 staff uniforms) in a single shift
  • There are pre & post laundry inspection stations set to ensure garments have no identifiable, insurmountable spots, unmended buttons, zippers etc
  • The finishing equipments is selected from the best manufacturers to ensure the finest finishing
  • The plant is flexible to offer maximum output in minimum time
  • ILS uses the 5th generation dry-cleaning machines
  • Dry cleaning machine can maintain the solvent levels to offer hygienic & high quality output for any type of garments
  • ILS uses an unique marking mechanism which can be used better linen & garment management
  • The wash process has been tested by Ecolab
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